# Introduction

As a developer who handle and maintain multiple websites is a tough job, but there is no harder than looking for a bug that didn't exist in your local. 🤦‍♂ 🤦‍♀

That's why this app was built, in able to ease the pain by capturing the errors on the websites that you are handling. You will be now able to read the error logs without doing ssh's into your server, run vim to read the error logs file and look for a never ending line in CLI.

🏆 Bugphix goal is to lessen the tasks and be able to fix quickly for what is urgently needed to fix, by simply going to dashboard and Bugphix will show you the error logs, on which file?, what PHP class?, the line of the error or even the users device! Bugphix can capture that 🎉 😉

# Here is how simply to monitor you error logs

Bugphix dashboard
Last Updated: 4/24/2020, 11:31:20 AM