# Dashboard

# Enabling/Disabling dashboard

  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: true
  • .env parameter: BUGPHIX_DASHBOARD_ENABLE

If you only need the extension and want to disable the dashboard functionality, .env file config is available. Just set the value to true or false

# Accessing dashboard

  • Type: String
  • Default: bugphix
  • .env parameter: BUGPHIX_DASHBOARD_URL

By default the dashboard url will be http://localhost:8080/bugphix/issues or equivalent. To change your dashboard link, you can update the provided config file or simply add/update this in your .env file.


Default admin url will not show unless it is on local environment. You must either change the default value or put a middleware by updating the config file.

# Adding middleware

Middleware is available in config file, this is to make your admin dashboard more secured.


    | Dashboard settings
    'dashboard' => [
        'url' => env('BUGPHIX_DASHBOARD_URL', 'bugphix'), 
        'enable' => env('BUGPHIX_DASHBOARD_ENABLE', true),
        'middleware' => ['auth'],
        'logout_url' => env('APP_URL') . '/logout',


If you added a middleware with authentication, better to add a logout url so the logout button will appear on dashboard.

Last Updated: 4/24/2020, 11:31:20 AM